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Praised by the former galleons’ skippers as the most easily identified eastern navigation reference point of the Puerto Galera archipelago, Punta Del Este ( the Point of The East ) is a remarkable promontory overlooking the Varadero Bay on its left and the Tabinay Cove on its right.

A vastly opened view towards the ocean, Isla Verde and the Baco group of islands contribute to an otherwise overall magnificent landscape.

Our Villas are constructed and hidden in an abundant and mature garden planted with old trees and varied luxurious tropical vegetation. They are designed to offer the visitors a maximum of comfort in structures modest enough to respect an environment where Nature is at its best.

Private access to the beach downstairs and the facility of each of the two pools at the Villas makes swimming an enjoyable pastime at Punta Del Este.

Nonetheless, the smiles, the kindness, and the efficiency of the Filipino people who will facilitate your stay at Punta Del Este, are undoubtedly the essential assets of our Villas.

For more information on the two villas and the amenities offered, please click on one of the images below.